Wednesday, February 27, 2008

13. Rappers Who Haven't "Sold Out"

With book deals, movie deals and custom colognes, some rappers have gone the way of sell out popstars before them. Flooding the market with their own "brand" of garbage.

It seems that as soon as you "make it big" in the music industry, the next thing to do is find a way to milk your fanbase for MORE money. No wonder blacks have their own brand of "indie" music: new rappers.

Once a rapper has moved out of the projects and stopped getting "reamed by the man" they run out of things to rap about. Their songs go from Tough Life in the Ghetto to Holy Fuck, Look How Rich I Am. Throw in some "hos" and you're all set. Problem is, the people buying your albums don't like you anymore because they can no longer "relate".

So, like any culture sick of funding its millionaires, many black youths just stop buying new albums from these sell outs. They don't, however, stop buying their crap. Sean John. P. Diddy. Puff. What's he going by now? I guess some people have just transcended above the label of a sell out.

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