Thursday, February 28, 2008

27. Glamorizing Prostitution

Calling someone a "pimp" or a "whore" used to be used as insult and slang. But just like other derogatory terms, black culture has adopted these words (and lifestyles) and modified them to mean more positive things.

Now that it's cool to be nick-named a pimp and talk about all the hos you hook up with on a regular basis, people have started writing songs about the glam side of pimpin'.

They've even begun to seperate themselves from the real pimps by calling themselves Real P-I-M-P's. This can be confusing for the outside viewers so let me explain:

To be a real P-I-M-P a man must be wealthy, dress nice and take care of himself. He must drive a sweet ass ride and not be tied down to any one ho (though he is allowed one special ho for home bitch needs like housework). A real P-I-M-P is not on the street beating hos and asking them for money. No, he is showering them with gifts and champagne in exchange for their 'services'.

To be a real Ho, not some street walkin anorexic with a drug addiction, you have to be bootylicious and willing to shake your ass for a variety of camera angles. You must also be willing to dance in heels on pool edges and car hoods. Remember, this is empowering for the Ho, because she is getting paid for her goods and the use of her body to sell another song of said pimp's album.

See? prostitution is one sexy lifestyle. Nothing like you'd guess from watching C.O.P.S.

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