Wednesday, February 27, 2008

19. The Strut

Now that we've determined how black people like to dress, now you can understand how they walk, and why.

When you spend a month's worth of paychecks on your outfit for the weekend, you'd better walk slow enough into that club so that everyone gets a nice, long look at your ass. Strut that shit!

Black people are known to stroll, lollygag and shlump through local venues. Whether walking through the mall food court or down Broadway, they never seem to be in a hurry. This isn't true.

They have somewhere to be, they just wanna show off their hot new shit in case any available men (or women) happen to be in range. Afterall, what's the point of getting all dressed up if the general public isn't allowed ample time to appreciate all your hard work?

This also dispels the common myth that black people are always late. They're not, they just can't walk any faster AND look good at the same time.

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