Wednesday, February 27, 2008

16. Milking Slavery

It's a fairytale passed down through generations of black families all across America...

"We were a happy, peaceful people living prosperously in Africa when the Europeans came and kidnapped us from our homes and dragged us kicking and screaming to this deserted place where we were beaten, raped and oppressed for centuries. We got the right, on paper, to be equal people. But you cannot force kindness, and so the whites created the KKK who secretly hunted down and murdered black people for sport. They all hate us and want us not to succeed in life so they will do everything they can to make us remain poor and ignorant."

The belief that all white people still harbor anger about slavery ending and that the blacks are still, somehow, suffering from it is a common belief held in inner-city circles. The facts may be skewed in your version of the past (leaving out the fact that we bought you FROM Muslims and that you had already been enslaving one another for centuries before). But it does not excuse the past of evil, white America. No one is saying it should.

Black people still want "reparations". i.e. repayment owed them for what their great grandparents went through. Not because their boss is a racist, no, but because their boss' grandaddy may have been one. I assume that most black people think that:

a) No new white people have moved to America after the Civil War.
b) No new black people moved to America from anywhere other than Africa.
c) All whites have at some point in their bloodline been slave owners.

So with this mentality, all white people are descended from slave owners and all black people decendants of slaves. Therefore, the great battle still lives on. In their minds.

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Brian CK said...

They love milking the entire system for everything they think is owed to them