Wednesday, February 27, 2008

14. Long Fingernails

This one's for the ladies though black men tie Italians for the number of manicures and pedicures accumulated anually. Ain't nothin wrong with a man loving his cuticles!

But on to the claws. Walking through Flatbush and Queens, I've seen nails so long that I often wonder how a woman could possibly get any work done. Then I realize that it's not such a bad excuse for avoiding dishwashing and writing papers.

I couldn't find out the secret behind these demonic beast-claws. But I may have stumbled upon a doorway at the site which states:

"They speak of a cat-like femininity that stirs the loins of this editorial staff. Their long tapered tips seemingly extend the length of the fingers and provide a mysterious air to the women who wear them. Real ones are especially treasured not only for the maintenance that is required but also for the subtle statement they make about the wearer: they are seemingly a window into her exotic soul, a physical manifestation of the passionate rivers that flow deep within her."

Maybe it is a desire to encapsulate that Halle Berry Catwoman mystique. I know she doesn't have to wash dishes.

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