Tuesday, February 26, 2008

8. Jive & Ebonics

Ever since sewing underground railroad messages into quilts, the black culture of America has been seeking newer and more convoluted ways to communicate with one another.

Even though their lives are no longer in danger and the south has been "free" for over a century, many blacks still feel like they belong to a secret society which needs to exclude white people by any means necessary.

In order to weed out those who are real and those who are simply posers, the black community constantly molds its dialect daily to keep outsiders from ever getting too close to "the truth". What the truth IS exactly cannot be determined at this point. When I asked about it I was called a "flabeezy howe" and asked to "scoot my skinny ass white girl bootay up out dis peece". I assume that means "none of your business" but I could be wrong.

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