Thursday, February 28, 2008

28. Underwear as Outerwear

What Madonna did for the corset, black teens have done for boxers and thongs. It is now cool (and encouraged!) to have your underwear showing.

What white nerds used to be picked on for is now a huge trend among young black men. All you have to do is tuck your undershirt into your underwear so as to show off the brand label or add an extra layer of color to your outfit. It's easiest to pull off if you buy pants a size or two too large for your frame and simply wear a belt tightly cinched at the thighs. This way, everyone can tell that you are indeed wearing Tuesday's drawers on a Tuesday.

Now now ladies, don't feel like I'm forgetting about you. Ever heard the phrase "booty cleavage"? That's where you come in. The newest look for ladies is to show off your sexy thong along with a lil taste of ass cheek for any possible suiters in visibility range. Unlike the guys, your best option is to purchase jeans a few sizes too small. The kind you have to lay flat on your back and suck in to zip up. What you're looking for is a little back roll to help pull the thong up and out into play everytime you sit down.

Now that you have the tools you need, get out there and strut that shit!

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Juma said...

This blog has some funny stuff, but i think you misunderstand the point of the blog which your was inspired by. Its satire based on the history of black people being defined en masse by the traits of a sub- group of black people (the urban poor). The media has consistently portrayed the traits, habits, and characteristics of young, poor, innecity, hip-hoppin, black people as representative of the group as a whole. The Stuffwhitepeoplelike blog, as a satirical comment on this misrepresentation, portrays yuppie values and interests as if they represent all white people. That's the joke.

Your reaction blog is humorous, but its hardly necessary, because white folks have been saying what you are saying forever. Black folks have always been defined in media by a narrow set of characteristics that do not capture their diversity.

Good blog, but I'm afraid you've really missed the broader point here.