Tuesday, February 26, 2008

6. Scarface

His image is all over movie posters, tennis shoes and even $5,000 leather jackets. He is the epitome of cool and the face of a era long since dead.

Ahh the good old days... when a ganster could be an overacting pseudo-cubano and still get all the money and hos. I can see the attraction here. He had a glamorous lifestyle. For a while.

But the thug-life is not all it seems on the big screen. As much as so many young black men want to whip it out and scream "Say hello to my leetle fren!" it just doesn't have that luster anymore.

So they hold on to what they can of that bygone tommygun Al Capone era and sing songs about the good old days when a gangsta was straight up gangsta, no playin'.


Richard said...

If you follow the links to Jess's pictures on Flickr, you'll be embarrassed to learn that the author of stuffwhitepeoplelike is a white woman.

Your site isn't offensive. I think that most of the observations are valid. The thing is that it's not funny either because it lacks wit and satire (the things you find offensive about Jess's site).

If you're a white person offended by stereotypes of white people, there are people of other races in the same situation (http://www.thinkunique.net/stuffasianpeoplelike/2008/02/24/15-nintendo-wii/#comment-155)
The thing is that outside the world of blogs, the stereotypes of non-whites happens ALL THE TIME.

Live2Read - Love2Write said...

Turn on BET once in a while or watch any "blaxploitation" film. You will see that white stereotypes are nothing new either.