Wednesday, February 27, 2008

18. Matching Suits

Pop Quiz: What do black people and the villains from Batman have in common?
>>>Matching Suits.

Everything has to go together. The pants, the jacket, the vest and, of course, your shoes and hat. And for the ladies, your bag. I've only witnessed this phenomenon among black people and mid-west soccer moms. Course, with the soccer moms it's a cardigan and sweater-tank. Still too matchy-matchy for my taste.

Though the Joker is responsible for popularizing the all-purple business suit, black men have adopted it as their own. Complimenting darker skin tones, it looks fabuluous on them in a way no other race could pull off.

It doesn't end with dress clothes though. The everyday teen can also been seen wearing matching track suits, per the mafia-inspired looks of Tony Soprano's crew. However, the black community takes it one step further. Forgoing the Italian leathers, they match the deep red of their track pants and jacket with matching hat and custom Jordans. If you're gonna dress, dress in style. And make sure your shades match up by carrying around a wallet sized color wheel when shopping.

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