Thursday, February 28, 2008

25. Hair Weaves

In an effort for flawless beauty, women across the globe have suffered through corsets, implants and even liposuction. But nothing is so painful to look at as a sloppy weave job.

As humans, we are not built with the thick, endless hair of cartoon characters. You know, where the end of the braid is just as thick as the top? To work around this, black people popularized the 'weave'.

By taking long strands of real and artificial hair and 'weaving' it into your own little hair nibs, one can create the illusion of a full head of unbelievable hair. because of it's ease of trasition in styles, a woman can now switch her hair from curly to straight or styled to free-flowing in a moment's notice. You can even change your overall hair color or just add highlights. The uses are endless and versatile.

It has become so popular that many white popstars are now doing it to try and keep up with the fantastic hairstyles of minority artists like Beyonce and J-Lo.

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