Thursday, February 28, 2008

23. Black Inventors

There's no month black people hate more than February. It's the psuedo-liberal apology for hundreds of years of slavery and opression. "Here, have a month." just doesn't quite take the sting off though, you yuppies.

To make matters worse, the tiny brained democrats decided that only a handful of people were allowed to represent "Great African Americans": Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and now that peanut butter guy named after our first president. Sure. They went with the "peaceful protestors".

Where's Malcom X? The Black Panthers? Are black children supposed to grow up thinking the only way their freedom was earned was through peaceful demonstrations and preaching? Horrible.

That's why the solution was to find new poster children for the next generation. Years of fervent research went into unearthing an endless list of black inventors throughout history. From the spark plug to the clothes drier, we have all used things invented by black people. Now we can take down the Dr. King posters and start praising the works of Granville Woods and J.L. Love. Yeah... that has a nice ring to it. Love.

For a complete alphabetical list you can go here:

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Kristen said...

Hahaha "nigga please"....I can say it because it's subjective, dawg! So, black people liking black inventors is weird to you? People being proud of innovators of their race contributing awesomness to the world, especially during a time of such hardship offends your delicate white sensibilites? Do you think black people go around saying "Man, those crazy white people be so crazy likin' Eli Whitney for inventin' the cotton gin and sheeit!" (because, duh obvs that's how they talk! Even the ones who went to college on the white man''s dole! Have grammatical errors made this list yet?).

Why? Just...why?