Thursday, February 28, 2008

24. O.J. Simpson

Referred to in white circles as "the one that got away" he has become a bigger celebrity now than his NFL or acting careers ever made him.

Though there was much heated debate over whether or not O.J. actually "did it" no one disagrees that plenty of black men who "didn't do nothin" were imprisoned and put to death BEFORE O.J.'s trial. Because of this, many see him as a reverse martyr or a penance for the crimes commited by the white public against innocent black men.

Whether or not he is guilty no longer matters. It is the fact that a black man was finally rich enough to do what every white man has been doing for years: paying off a good enough lawyer to avoid a murder conviction. Politicians have ex-wives and mistresses who simply "disappear" or "commit suicide". Why shouldn't a rich black man enjoy the same benefits money has brought to so many white men?

As Chris Rock once said: "I'm not sayin he shoulda killed her, but I understand."

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Narda said...

What are you talking about? Most black people HATE OJ Simpson. He is the epitome of the sell out Uncle Tom athlete/entertainer, who, once successful, dates, marries and socialises with only white people, and recognises his Blackness only when he is trouble and wants to milk said Blackness.

If you frequent Black message boards, you will see that most Black people mention OJ Simpson with contempt, as the punchline of a very sad trainwreck joke. Worse since his recent misadventures in attempted publishing.

Don't confuse supporting the principle of a Black man triumphing over "the Man" with a love for that Black man himself.