Wednesday, February 27, 2008

20. Blaming Whitey

The rape of Africa. the creation of slavery. The oppression of black youths through poor schooling and drug dealing. Denying rappers Grammys and Oscars. Mudslinging black politicians with lies and slander.

Yep, it's all part of this big white conspiracy to keep the black man "down". Europeans have been plotting it for millenia. Back when white people were slaves (slav = slavic= east european), they decided to enact their hatred on one random group of people and those people would be the Africans.

Especially through the creation of the slave TRADE. Not slavery, but the ability to sell people across oceans instead of tribe to tribe as had been done since the dawn of man. White people went and fucked up the sytem by getting whole continents involved and making the slave business more profittable. Obviously, it was because they hated black people.

It's also obvious that white men, not middle eastern or hispanic cultures, invented and procurred all of the drugs in the world so that they could be distributed to the black ghettos and keep those kids from living too long. And for the ones who managed to avoid drugs? Well we poisoned their school systems of course! With inadequate funding and poorly educated teachers. By simply sending them loads of cash to fix the problem, we KNEW it would just go to better computer labs and new books but the teachers wouldn't get paid more or educated more. It was all part of the evil plan.

Of course. Now if we can just find a way to "whitify" all the black politicians who make it out of the ghettos and through college...

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