Thursday, February 28, 2008

22. Hennessy

According to Urban Dictionary:
Hennessy is "An French brandy accorded high status in some sectors of the upwardly mobile African-American community."

Because of its cost, hennessy is often used as a status symbol for upperclass black people. Many rappers even "shout-out" to the drink in their songs. The logo or image on the bottle reminds me of a pimp with his cane, though being of French creation I assume that's just a coincidence.

Some have suggested that the liquor is also used by some middle-class and poorer blacks at special occasions. Sometimes reserved for weddings, funerals or private parties. It is also rumored that hennessy gets poured out over the graves of fallen family and friends as a tribute. The Italians have a similar tradition with fine wine. It's a tribute to the person's pricelessness: that you would waste a bottle of expensive liquor in their name.

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