Wednesday, February 27, 2008

15. Being Loud

Whenever you get a group of black kids or adults together, there will always be heated and dynamic conversation. Whether arguing across four rows of seats on the bus or sharing off-color jokes about "that bitch in the yellow heels" on the train.

It appears that the topic of conversation is not as important as the volume at which it is expressed. If you have a question about the film's plot you should ask now, while it's still on. Why ask later?

If you have a thought, it needs to come out immediately, no time to approach the person to whom you speak. And loud enough for all of the other passengers or shoppers to hear you. Well what were you supposed to do? Walk over to your girlfriend and tell her politely that her panties are showing? nah... It's so much more fun to watch her jump as you yell out "Yo! Shanae, yo drawers be showin girl!"

I assume this habit stems from home where rather than going from room to room to tell peole that dinner is ready or asking where the remote is, said parent would simply scream out loud enough for anyone in the house (and a few neighbors) to hear. It saves time.

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Kristen said...

Another example of how you completely missed the point of the white people blog. Why don't you just have a picture of a KFC box with some gold teef next to it and call it a day?